Holistic Health

Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

Radiant health need not be a challenge and isn't just about the food we eat. The holistic health prescription is simple, make a few changes with your diet and lifestyle and discover a new way of living.

The Holistic Health programs offered are tailored for your needs as Em realizes that one diet does NOT suit all. The programs are designed to offer the clients all the tools they need to live a happier, healthier and more balanced life. This is yoga.


This program is for the individual who has very specific wants, desires, requests, and wishes, or for the individual who is dealing with a more serious health imbalance.

The program offers easy of how to implement changes into your lifestyle easily and effectively, through nutrition based, yoga, pranayama (yogic breathing).

The course lasts 6 months, and we would meet 3-4 times a month, twice for counseling sessions and either once or twice for private yoga classes depending on your preference. Each session is an hour long.


You will also be given books and food items during the course, all included in the price, and your prescribed yoga practice.

Prior to the program there is a FREE consultation, where your health history is reviewed and your and goals and questions addressed.


Em really helped me to learn how to calm down and use Yoga as a tool to control my stress. I had no idea my body and mind could do that. It was pretty much transformative!!! After years of soul-killing work at a major US bank, Em helped me to detach myself from my work and focus on mind and body. I signed up for Em's nutritional program. It was simply awesome. I went from McDonalds and sugar to really delicious healthy alternatives. It was really good food training.

I once met a girl named Em
She's one in a million, a real gem.
I brought her my stress,
My pain and duress.
So She helped me to find,
My piece of mind.
My body was fixed,
My problems were nixed.
With Yoga and Food,
It changed my mood.
And now I can say,
Em Bettinger is the way.
So give her a call,
And give it your all.
I promise you it'll make your day!!!
--David Vink, Calgary, Canada