About Em

Em was born in the UK, currently resides in Yokohama, Japan (very near Tokyo) and holds Koh Samui, Thailand close to her heart. She trained as a contemporary dancer at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance and Middlesex University in London, gaining a degree in Dance Theatre.

She was introduced to the flows of the Surya Namaskaras in a dance class many moons ago, and it was yoga she called upon to heal her when she hit a dark period in her life. As she spent more time on the mat, she realized she could do much more with her life and dedicated herself to the study of yoga, not only the physical asana form but also pranayama and meditation. Her personal practice is ashtanga and flow inspired by a deep connection to the breath.

Em started studying yoga seriously at Sun & Moon Yoga in Meguro, Tokyo in 2004 and studied through Sun & Moon's Teacher Training program in 2007 with Leza Lowitz. Em also spends a lot of time studying asana, pranayama and philosophy with Paul Dallaghan at Yoga Thailand, attending trainings with him 2-3 times a year. She received her 500-hour yoga training certification from Paul in 2010 and is now working towards the 1100 hour Centered Yoga certification.

Em also studies with Paul's teacher, Sri O.P. Tiwari whenever she has the chance.She has studied pranayama with Tiwari-ji since 2009.

She is also trained in prenatal yoga and has been blessed to see several of her students through their second and third trimesters.

Em's classes offer a unique blend of dance, challenging sequences combined with play and humor. She believes that a yoga practice should not be taken too seriously otherwise you start to lose the passion in something that is designed to make you feel better. She hopes her classes inspire her students to embrace the challenge, delve deep into their inner strengths and release whatever may be holding them back and recognize their full potential in their personal lives. She recognizes every one is unique and has something to offer the world.

She teaches both adults and kids, and has helped developed the yoga program for the students at KAIS, and teaches voluntary kids classes through Living Dreams. She also shares the joy of meditation at the Reebok offices in Tokyo.

Off the mat....

Em's second passion is nutrition for yogis, which led her to train as a Holistic Health Counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Although she has been a vegetarian since her early teens, her yoga journey led her to question her health and lifestyle choices. She is now eats a high raw vegan diet. Em acknowledges that this lifestyle is not suited to all, but is a firm believer that the satvic yoga way of eating would benefit everyone greatly. She has a wealth of knowledge, not only through studying but as using her body as her exploration playground. She wishes to guide people towards happiness and wellbeing.

Em is available for health counseling session, workshops and cooking classes (vegetarian, vegan, raw). For more information please go to her nutrition page.