I teach private yoga classes at two studio spaces in Tokyo, or can teach you in the comfort of your own home, or hotel room if you are visiting the city.

Benefits of private lessons:

Please contact Em to discuss availability and rates.


It's easy enough to graduate from a yoga teacher training these days and hang out a "Yoga Instructor" shingle, but far more difficult is to earn the respect and admiration of your students and fellow yoga teachers alike. Em is one such example. I've known her since she first started her journey on the yogic path, and her rapid progression and popularity as a yoga teacher of studio classes, private lessons, kids yoga, community and corporate yoga, volunteer and charity events, workshops, and high school yoga lessons is due a hundred percent to her diligence and desire to keep growing and serve her students. She never stops learning and so obviously enjoys sharing her love of yoga, movement, healthy eating and sustainable lifestyle choices with others that her enthusiasm is contagious. That, combined with her natural teaching skill and a huge amount of warm personality make Em a beloved yoga teacher in our Tokyo community. How lucky we are to have her and see her go from strength to strength, inspiring so many others along the way.
--Leza Lowitz, Owner, Sun & Moon Yoga, Tokyo

Em has developed an incredible yoga program for the students at KAIS International School in Tokyo. She knows how to motivate her students, and she is somehow (perhaps magically) in touch with their feelings and stresses. It has been incredible to see teenagers take to yoga, and Em has inspired many graduates to continue their practice in college. In 2008, Em designed KAIS' yoga program specially for junior high and high school students, and the feedback from parents and students has been universally glowing. This has been most students' first experiences with yoga, and now, many of them view it as an integral part of their lives. She not only inspires students in the classroom, but also mentors and challenges them on personal levels. I have seen the empathy, dedication, and patience that Em brings with her each day change students' lives, and a school of inspired focused students are proof of that.
--Jonathan Yaffe, Headmaster, KAIS International School, Tokyo

I would certainly recommend Em as a yoga instructor of the top grade. I have enjoyed her classes both at the studio and at my home. She is a thoughtful teacher who takes time to recognize my weaknesses and then to work on them with me. She is also encouraging and kind. I never feel pushed too far and always feel revitalized and energetic at the end of a lesson. Relaxed too!

I also like it that Em has extensive training and continues to study abroad often. I feel that she is able to answer any yoga question, and teach some theory as well.
--Suzanne, Tokyo

Em really helped me to learn how to calm down and use Yoga as a tool to control my stress. I had no idea my body and mind could do that. It was pretty much transformative!!!

After years of soul-killing work at a major US bank, Em helped me to detach myself from my work and focus on mind and body.

I signed up for Em's nutritional program. It was simply awesome. I went from McDonalds and sugar to really delicious healthy alternatives. It was really good food training.

I once met a girl named Em
She's one in a million, a real gem.

I brought her my stress,
My pain and duress.

So she helped me to find,
My piece of mind.

My body was fixed,
My problems were nixed.

With yoga and food,
It changed my mood.

And now I can say,
Em Bettinger is the way.

So give her a call,
And give it your all.

I promise you it'll make your day!!!
--David, Calgary